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integrated Sound-Light Relaxation System (iSLRS)

Our fast-paced lives are becoming ever more demanding and complicated. For many it is only a matter of time before the signs of fatigue, pressure and stress begin to take their toll. Prescription and illicit drug use for depression, anxiety and insomnia is at an all-time high. At Swiss Bionic Solutions we think we have a better alternative: the iSLRS.

The iSLRS, an integrated Sound & Light Relaxation System, can best be described as a “spa for your brain.” It works seamlessly with your iMRS to melt away stress, improve oxygen circulation to your brain, deepen your ability to enjoy relaxing, restorative sleep, and naturally improve emotional balance without drugs or side effects.

Used regularly with the iMRS whole body mat applicator, the iSLRS is the perfect antidote for a modern culture that incessantly bombards us with more and more, faster and faster. While every cell of your body enjoys the oasis of rejuvenation provided by the iMRS, the iSLRS simultaneously bathes your brain with the rest and renewal it needs to return to balance and equilibrium. Mental focus, clarity and productivity improve. Irritability gives way to a sense of wellbeing.

The iSLRS is plug-and-play. Simply connect the goggles, headphones and SD card and begin your iMRS session as you normally would. Masterful German engineering makes it just that easy to achieve the balance and renewal you need to thrive in optimal health.


The iSLRS comes with the following features:

  • Goggles for visual stimulation including high end earplugs to experience clear and rich sound and allowing you to fully enjoy this "spa for your brain". Red, blue and green LED's with dimmer switch.
  • SD Card with 45 minutes anticipated music (2-18Hz)
  • Built in Music Player (in the iMRS)
  • Fully synchronized with every "iMRS - whole body mat application"

The colors:

RED: gives energy, vitality, decisiveness and determination. Red increases zest for life, self esteem, promotes assertiveness and the ability to deal with and overcome adversity. Mental Development- vitality, courage, power

Caution: people with strong sympathetic activity do not tolerate red.

GREEN: refreshing and optimistic, improves overall wellbeing.
Green promotes inner peace and relaxation. Green is the color of enlightenment and harmonic growth. Green releases the energy of creation. Green is a sign of sharing, reconciliation, comfort and charity. Self Assertion - Calmness - Endurance - Growth

Green is easily tolerated by most people without any negative side effects.

BLUE: the color of loyalty and devotion, inner connection and security.
Blue strengthens the spirit for life, is calming and harmonic. Blue symbolizes alertness, persistence and justice, it promotes energy balance, communication and the understanding of others. Sympathy - Vision - Assertiveness

Blue is generally tolerated by people without any negative side effects.

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