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Swiss Bionic Solutions: "Inspired by Nature "

Did you know, that Chondrichthyes (or cartilaginous fishes) have a special organ to detect electromagnetic waves? These "Ampoulles of Lorenzini" (named after Stefano Lorenzini, who first described them in 1678) help the fish detect temperature gradients as well as sense electromagnetic fields, mainly to support hunting. Beside sharks and chimaeras, stingrays also belong to this group of animals possessing this advanced organ development.  The new iMRS was inspired by the graceful, gallant and streamlined shape of stingrays and their unique movement through their environment.  The design for our housing represents the sleek, fluid contours of the ray in harmony with the ultimate function of our technology: the convenient, in-home delivery of natural PEMF-fields for your health and wellness.  The result is a perfect synergy of look and feel. A brand new and innovative brushed rubber surface completes the high-grade finish.  All applicators (whole body mat, pillow-pad and probe) have been completely redesigned and are built on the foundation of ~ 20 years of experience in the field of electromagnetic wellness worldwide. New materials, new architecture and a huge improvement in handling are your guarantee of the highest performance with every single in-home application.

Over the past two decades, Swiss Bionic Solutions design philosophy of "inspired by nature" has led to the creation of the incomparable and world's leading PEMF system - iMRS

Swiss Bionic Solutions unparalleled committment to product research and developement, position the company at the forefront of inventing the next generation of complementary alternative medicine technologies to improve health and vitality, in both home and clinic.    

The Design Story of the MRS-Series:

The Design Story of the MRS-Series

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